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GC10 Steel Disc Grinder is designed to meet the small grinding demand of coffee and various types of spices, minerals(clay, soil etc.) and materials. Since steel disc grinder targets coffee product, it is eligible to use on tables at small areas like small coffee shops. 

GC10 Steel Disc Grinders are mostly preffered by coffeshops because of its high efficient performance. 

The finest coffee!

8 levels enable us to arrange thickness of good manually upon the required finest degree. In terms of ground coffee, 10 kg Turkish coffee per hour with the finest degree, 20 kg/h for espresso or 25 kg for filter coffee can be outcome. The operation, maintaining and transport are easy, this machine can be defined as user-friendly.


The grinding process in continuous usage has to be stopped every 2 hours by user for 40 minutes because steel discs gets warmer.

GC10 Steel Disc Grinder is the most selected coffee grinder by coffeeshops and roasters in 2018.


  • Most selected shop size coffee grinder

  • 10 grinding level

  • Wide grinding range from turkish finest to filter coffee

  • Top performance for efficient production

  • Easy to install

  • User Friendly


Product Code GC10
Target Product Coffee, Pepper, Cummin, Feed, granular products
Hour Capacity Arabica (8 kg), Turkish Coffee (10 kg) , Espresso (20 kg) , Filter Kahve (25 kg),
Motor Power 1.5hp 1400 rpm
Standard Voltage 220 V*230 V Monophase
Frequency 50-60Hz
Certification ISO9001 - ISO22000 - CE
Standard Colour Red, Black
Usage Table Top
Customization Copper, Brass body (for hopper)

RAL Colour option

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