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The Garanti electrical sample roaster is a great solution to get a real feel for the art of coffee roasting process. The powerful design of GGKX has goals the increase of productivity and efficiency in small batch roasting.

The roasting machines has evolved a lot especially in the last decade. Previously, roasters simply executed the process of roasting coffee. At the same time, users had to obtain decent outcome from a regular commercial roaster. However, "decent outcome" is detailed now, because roaster masters need to examine the sweetness, acidity, balance level of coffee. Sensory evaluations, processing new methods and answers for how roast profiles affect the cup become important to consider in new era of roasting. Because everyone, who is in coffee business, chases the quality and consistency in processes.

Garanti Roaster have designed this sample roaster to support your coffee passion. As a result, GGKX enables users discover the world with the micro roastery abilities.

Highlights of heating system of GGKX Sample Roaster

The drum rotates inside of ceramic resistance system and moving coffee beans constantly with homogeneous heat. User can monitor and analyze the received data from the machine, when open source roasting profile system has been integrated. Therefore, excellent outcome occurs in every single batch of roasting with a continuous production abilities.

GGKX is very popular for sampling, because, it provides consistent roasted beans for end consumers.


  • Small batch roasting for your speciality coffee! - 100 gr min

  • Balanced roasting with roasting skills

  • Roasting Type : Thermal Transfer

  • Easy to install

  • Low Noise Roasting

  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling systems

  • Drum Speed Controller


Product Code GGKX
Batch Capacity 100 gr (min) - 500 gr (max) green coffee beans
Hour Capacity 1.5 kg (min) - 3 kg (max)
Roasting Duration 10 - 12 min
Roasting Type Thermal Transfer
Roasting Heating System Ceramic Resistance Heating System
Voltage 220*230*240 V SinglePhase
Motor 3 units
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz

  • PID Digital Heating System - for bean temperature
  • Drum Speed Control

Quality CE , ISO9001 , ISO22000
Material Chrome Surface , 304 Quality Stainless Steel 


  • Chaff Collector
  • Sampler
  • Sample Observation Window
  • Cooling System
    • Cooling Fan
  • PID Temperature Control
  • Drum Speed Control
  • User manual - maintenance


Data Gathering and Analysis 

The software integration is provided


RAL colour options 


Chrome, Copper, Brass 

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