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Fast or Slow, Light or Dark? 

Many questions and varieties exist to consider by roasting master in order to chase the best outcome. Garanti Roaster designed the Industrial X series to meet all type of demands easily. 

What are the specifications of GKX30 Coffee Roaster?

  • Functional safety at high performance roasting

  • Balanced roasting with roasting skills

  • Roasting Type : Hot Air System

  • Manual operation via control panel is proceeded clearly and simply

  • Low Noise Roasting

  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling systems

  • Available for automation PC-based control system

Industrial X series are coffee roasting machines with indirectly heated drums that provide a clean roasting environments when is compared with directly heated drums. GKX30 Industrial X allows faster roasting process at higher temperature.

In common view, the first crack shalt begin at 70% to 80% of total roast time depending on the green beans. GKX30 coffee roaster enables you to have consistent coffee roasting process for 30 kg batch.

Less risk of bean surface burning is counted as the primary advantange of GKX30 hot air system.


Product Code GKX30
Batch Capacity (kg) 20 min - 30 max kg
Hour Capacity (kg/h) 90 kg
Roasting Duration (min) 18 - 20 min
Heating System Burner
Heating Energy Consumption 60kW
Roasting Type Hot Air System
Fuel Type LPG/NG/LNG/Diesel
Voltage 380*415 V 3Phase
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Motors 4 units
Electrical Energy Consumption 3,52 kW
Usage Area* 15 m2
Material 304 quality stainless steel & chrome body
Certification ISO9001 - ISO22000 - CE 

 *GA-L green coffee loader is included.

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