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The Best Choice for High Return of Investment : GKPX5

The best choice for small batch roasting in medium size roasteries is offered from Pacifica series. Two varitions electrical and gas offer you high return of investment, since both versions are designed deftly as a strong product for your field. In terms of product usage of 5 kg coffee roaster, GKPX5 is easy to actualize roasting process with electrical contact panel where you can operate drum, heating, cooling system actions. Via PID Temperature Control, the setting degree is arranged and then to warn user by a buzzer. Flame and air control are adjusted as well.


  • Best roaster for shop size.

  • Performance based batch capacity - 5kg coffee roaster

  • Maximize freshness with short roasting time

  • Roasting Type : Direct Fire

  • Easy to install

  • Low Noise Roasting

  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling systems

  • User Friendly


Versions Electrical
Batch Capacity 5 kg 
Hour Capacity 22 kg/h 
Roasting Duration 12 - 15 min 
Roasting Type Thermal Transfer 
Heating System Ceramic Resistance 
Fuel Type Electric 
Power Consumption 8,46 kW 
Voltage 220 * 230 V MonoPhase / 380V 3Phase
Motor 4 units
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Certification CE, ISO9001, ISO22000
Material Chrome Surface , 304 Quality Stainless Steel
Exhaust Outlet 13 CM 


  • Electrical Control Panel
    • Drum button
    • Cooling Fan button
    • Cooling Mixer button
    • Light button
    • (GKPX5 - E) Resistance Button
    • (GKPX5 - G) Gas Control button
    • (GKPX5 - G)PID Temperature Control (Bean Temp)
    • (GKPX5 - G)PID Temperature Display (Exhaust Temp)
    • (GKPX5 - G)PID Burner Performance Control (Burner Level)
    • (GKPX5 - G)Auto - Manual Burner Usage (Automatic Ignition System)
    • Artisan and Cropster Usage Ready
  • Air Flow Control
  • External Chaff Collector
  • Sampler
    • sampling spoon and sight glass
  • Drum Window
  • Cooling
    • Cooling fan
    • Mixer
    • Cover
  • Manual, maintenance guide


Data Gathering and Analysis

The software integration is provided


RAL options


Chrome, Copper, Brass

Profile System


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