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Save your place for the favorite coffee roaster: GJK

The optimal choice for small batch roasting in coffee shop, cafes and roasteries. Two varitions electrical and gas offer you productive, profitable investment resource to excel the your business. In terms of product usage, roasting is so easy to process with Garanti Junior. In a standard version, user can operate the machine via electrical control panel which drum, heating, cooling system actions exist. Via PID Temperature Control, the setting degree is arranged and then to warn user by a buzzer.

With a satisfactory price-performance ratio, GJK is the most selected coffee roaster in order to meet the shop size roasting requirement. In terms of area usage, only 1 m2 needs to be spared for the table top designed machine. Easy maintanence and being suitable for the software integration makes Garanti Junior useful and prefferable for long term use.


Versions Electrical
Batch Capacity 2 kg 
Hour Capacity - per batch 10 kg/h 
Roasting Duration 12 min
Roasting Type Thermal Transfer 
Fuel Type Ceramic Resistance** 
Voltage*** 220 * 230 V
Power Consumption 4 kW 
Certification CE, ISO9001, ISO22000
Material Chrome Surface , Carbon Steel
Size (L*H*W) 77*113*118 cm



  • Electrical Control Panel
    • Drum button
    • Cooling Fan button
    • Cooling Mixer button
    • Light button
    • Resistance (Electrical version) button
    • Gas Control (Gas version) button
    • PID Temperature Control
  • Chaff Collector
  • Sampler
  • Drum Window
  • Cooling
    • Cooling fan
    • Mixer


Data Gathering and Analysis

The software integration is provided


RAL options


Chrome, Copper brass

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